Can I buy your products at my local store?

Hopefully yes!  We sell to independent stores and chains (IGA, Foodland etc). If you can’t find them near you, you can also order online here. If you would like us to stock our goodies at your favourite store, please send me an email and I’ll see what I can do!  Email me by clicking here.

Are your products Gluten Free?

All of our products, except the Couscous, the Freekeh and the Barley are Gluten Free.

Are your products vegan or vegetarian?

All of our products except the risotto are Vegan and the risotto are vegetarian (they contain parmesan cheese; yum!)

Can you suggest ways of using Quinoa in healthy recipes that are Gluten Free?

Our flavoured quinoa is perfect as a main meal on its own as it’s so delicious or you can use it as a meal accompaniment with chicken, fish, lamb – whatever really!
It’s also delicious made into a soup – just add 1.5 litres of water to our quinoa mix and hey presto – soup that’s full of protein and is delicious!
I love cooking up a box of quinoa and popping it into the fridge.  I then add a few tablespoons of it to a big mixed salad (greens, shredded sweet potato, carrot and zucchini works well) and have it for my lunch.  Great to take with me if I’m on the run too.

Do any of your products contain common allergens?

Wheat – couscous and freekeh
Dairy – Risotto
Nuts – Dukkah, Persian Quinoa, Freekeh with Green Lentils, Almonds and Pine Nuts and Roast Almond Couscous
Sesame seeds – Dukkah

Are your products easy to cook?

Yes!  Great if you’re new to cooking or don’t have much confidence.  The Risotto is also so easy to make; many people are scared to make risotto but ours makes it so easy.  Great for students, busy people etc.
How long can I keep the Couscous and Quinoa once they’re cooked?
I keep mine in the fridge for up to 5 days.

How long can I keep the packets in the Pantry?

Our products have a long Best Before date (24 months from date of manufacture).  Best before means that even if this date has expired, the product cannot do you harm; it will not present at its best but will still be fine.

Are your ingredients Organic?

The quinoa is all organic but sadly, due to cost restraints, our other ingredients are not.

What can I do with dukkah?

There are so many healthy recipes that you can make using dukkah.  It’s great as a Gluten Free crumbing – simply dip your chicken, fish etc into the dukkah and then fry or bake in the oven.  You don’t need as heavy a crumbing as you do with breadcrumbs – really delicious.
The traditional way to have dukkah is to dip chunks of crusty bread in to good olive oil then into the dukkah – great healthy alternative to a dip.
Sprinkle your salads with dukkah to give them more texture and flavour.
I love dukkah sprinkled on top of soups, cauliflower cheese and even pizza!
I add a small amount to crumble mixture when making fruit crumble for dessert – double yummy!

Where are your products made?

We have a little factory in beautiful Willunga in South Australia.  We are surrounded by almond trees and grape vines – so beautiful.

Why ‘Thistle Be Good’?

The thistle is the national flower of Scotland (where I’m from) and my surname is Good – perfect!  There are no thistles in our products though! Ouch!

Do you Export?

We started early 2014 exporting to Dubai and Bahrain and to Malaysia in late 2014 – how exciting!