Ancient Grains

thistle be good ancient grains health food shop onlineFreekeh!

Fallen in love with it yet?

Most ancient grains have a delicious chewy texture. Especially the super-popular freekeh.  Many provide useful grain alternatives for those searching for healthier or tastier options. What’s more, they are usually cooked in the “whole grain” form. This is nutritionally much more beneficial than the over processed and refined modern grain products.

Often described as “super grains”, ancient grains offer us much in the way of natural nutrition and positive health benefits.

With many different nuts, seeds and legumes added these provide so many delicious and nutritious ingredients. You will be delight in them!

All of the delicious Ancient Grains can be enjoyed simply cooked up as they are and enjoyed as a hot meal.  You can serve with one of the serving suggestions or allowed to cool and have as a beautiful lunch, with salad or roast veggies – yum!

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