Good things about Quinoa

What is quinoa and why is it good for me?  In answer to this, I thought I’d list

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11 Good Things About Quinoa

  1. It’s delicious
    It’s slightly nutty and grainy and something that I don’t tire of eating. I can make loads of easy healthy quinoa recipes with it.

  2. It’s so easy to cook.
    It ‘behaves’ itself.  It doesn’t stick or go gluggy – just add the water, bring to the boil, simmer, cover and leave it for 15 mins and it’s done – perfect!

  3. It’s high in protein
    It’s also pretty good on iron and fibre, which is why it’s great for everyone, but especially vegetarians.

  4. It’s gluten free
    So many of us are not eating Gluten today.  For some it’s not a choice; they are Coeliac but for many of us we simply feel better without it – Quinoa is perfect!

  5. It needs washing before use (unless it’s pre-washed – like ours)
    The the surface of quinoa contains a chemical called saponin that has a bitter soapy taste. Give it a rinse first, unless it’s pre rinsed, like ours.

  6. It comes in different colours
    Just like grapes, quinoa comes in different varieties. The most common is white, but there are also red and black. We always use the white variety as most people are familiar with it.

  7. It comes in different forms
    Just like corn, it can be puffed or rolled into flakes or you can buy it whole. I use quinoa flakes in my smoothies to add protein – no need to buy whey powder!

  8. It looks like a grain but is actually a seed

  9. It has an interesting texture
    One thing I love about quinoa is its texture. It has a slight ‘bite’ to it but is also fluffy.

  10. It’s better if you cook it
    It’s not good to use it raw – don’t even try it!

  11. You can also eat the leaves
    We can’t buy fresh quinoa or its leaves here in Australia, but the leaves are edible. Something like chard or silverbeet. If you grow amaranth in your garden, the leaves are very similar (as is the whole plant!)