Quinoa Salad with Lamb

Quinoa Salad with Lamb The weather is getting warmer (yay!) and I'm eating so much quinoa salad and I'm loving Quinoa Salad with Lamb!  Love all quinoa salads - they are so delicious, fresh, clean and healthy - why wouldn't you eat salad every day.  Here's one of my...

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My Favourite Way to Enjoy Dukkah!

Traditionally, dukkah is used as a nibble, with chunks of tasty crusty bread dipped in to olive oil then into the dukkah - it is delicious and very addictive (but thankfully natural and healthy!). However, my favourite way to enjoy it is to lightly crumb chicken...

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What’s in season for Spring?

Look at what's in season for spring! It's just starting to warm up now and it is an exciting time of the year for our palate as we get a range of new seasonal fruits and vegetables to cook with. Here is a selection of four that I particularly love to add to the...

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“Freekeh tastes absolutely amazing!”

"I just wanted to email you to let you know that my partner and I purchased your Ancient Grains - Freekeh with Green Lentils, Almonds and Pine Nuts yesterday. Can I just say, wow! Not only did the packaging catch my eye, along with the clever and cute brand name; but...

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Does Australia Grow Quinoa?

Yes! Quinoa is growing in popularity as a healthy gluten-free alternative to traditional grains such as oats and couscous. The interest from farmers to grow it is also increasing. Australian Grown Quinoa is being produced in Western Australia where they have been...

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Quinoa Soup Weather!

Autumn is here and I’m loving it!  One day we’re on the beach then next we’re making soup!  Variety is the spice of life!  Soup made with quinoa will keep you fuller for longer, due to the high protein content of the quinoa.  You can either find lots of recipes online...

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Quinoa Breakfast!

Yum!  Thought I'd show you what a delicious breakfast I have - quinoa of course! I cook up a cup of plain quinoa on a Sunday and let it cool - it makes lots!  I add 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds and 1/4 cup chopped almonds.  I then add 1/8 cup chia seeds and linseed.  A...

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Thistle Be Good’s Photo shoot!

We had loads of fun a couple of weeks ago when our very talented photographer (Emily Shepherd from Studio E) came and played for the morning! We needed to get some 'Lifestyle Shots' and she did a sterling job! These shots were for a promotion that we have on...

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