Thanks to Flinders University SA (oh, and to our risotto!)

Flinders University

2nd Year Accounting

The Accounting department at Flinder Uni SA invited me to be one of the businesses that the Cost Accounting students (year 2) looked at over the last term.  I’ve provided them with lots of information over the last couple of months to enable them to look at my business and today was the final presentation day. Risotto

I walked into the lecture theatre this morning, faced with a room full of slightly nervous and apprehensive students.  They were there to do their final presentations to their lecturer, their fellow students and to me, their case study.

Flinders University

Five different groups presented to us, focussing on different areas of Thistle Be Good; sales, costs (fixed and variable), profit etc etc.

They all did such a great job.  I’m guessing that this must have been quite intimidating, giving advice to a real person rather than a virtual study from a text book, even although I’m not scary at all!

This might seem very dry to you and you might be wondering why I would be sharing this with you!

Most of you love my products (thank you!) and I love making them for you.  Thistle Be Good has gone through some huge changes over the 17 years that I’ve been making my goodies.  I need to make sure that I can keep making them for you for the next 17 years too!  To do this, I need help and advice and support from many different areas.

I’ve come away with lots of suggestions about how to keep making my products available to you.  Online sales are a very important part of this advice and I’ll be adding some changes to my offerings so stay tuned!

Running Thistle Be Good is lots of fun and it’s rewarding.  I love the positive feedback that I get from you lovely customers.

“For dinner tonight we had the wild mushroom and tarragon risotto – WOW absolutely yummy, now I can’t wait to try more of your products – I am going to be recommending you tonight on my facebook page – thanks Jacqui” – Jenny


On a much more fun subject, I went camping near Currency Creek which is a rural area of the Fleurieu Penisula (where Thistle Be Good is based) in SA this weekend for the first time in 18 months!  It was so much fun.  I went with my Mr Tall Dark and Handsome, my gorgeous 13 yr old boy and his friend.  It was chilly at night (7 degrees!) but we had lovely big fires.  I didn’t remember to take any pics of our campfire food but did a little bit of fire cooking and the rest was on my gas stove.









I made our Wild Mushroom Risotto; so perfect for camping! Just add water and simmer for 15 mins and hey presto! Delicious and sooooo easy.  I cooked up some Barossa Fine Foods Italian sausages (in keeping with Mr TD&H!) and it was a winner all round.

Please remember that all of our boxed goodies only need water and heat (no heat for couscous!) to prepare so are perfect for camping or caravaning. Risotto

Thanks again for you wonderful support and enthusiasm.

If you ever want to give me feedback, comments or chat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me,

Orders over $35 are freight free so do yourself a favour and make life easier!

Sending you delicious wishes,  Jacqui