The Rub


As a rub

The Rub is great when simply rubbed onto chicken, fish, beef, lamb or tofu and then cooked on the barbeque or pan fried. It’s so easy – everyone loves it!

As a marinade

Try mixing a teaspoon of The Rub with some natural yoghurt and marinading cubes of chicken or fish etc before stir-frying – again so easy but so tasty!

As a curry blend

Saute chopped onions in oil, add a teaspoon of The Rub and fry for one minute, stirring all the time. Then add your meat, chicken, vegetables etc and either some coconut milk or chopped tomatoes – whichever you prefer. Cook for desired time and season. Beautiful curry and it was so easy!

As a stir-fry

When frying your vegetables or meat etc, throw in a spoonful of The Rub to liven things up a bit!

On your roast

Simply rub your roast with oil or butter and sprinkle The Rub all over it. Cook as usual and spice up your Sunday!