Why ‘Thistle Be Good’?




Why indeed!  Interestingly enough, today, I got a call from ‘Shirley’, who had seen our name and was curious as to what we did – so she called me up!  One of the more interesting calls that I’ve had.  It made a nice change from someone trying to sell me something I can tell you!

On many occasions in the past, after someone meets me, especially when a)  I open my mouth and b)  I have a name badge on, the penny drops!

Thistle is the national flower of Scotland – yes, I am very Scottish and, my surname is Good – the perfect synergy for a food business name!

Logo TBG KSD jpeg

Thistle Be Good is actually the second business name that we’ve had.  The first one,  ‘Pukka Dukkah’ lasted for about 18 months and it was when Jamie Oliver was very ‘pukka’ about his food.  Trouble was, we wanted to expand into more than just dukkah!

I decided to hold a brainstorming session to come up with a new name.  A crowd of friends sat around our kitchen table, the wine was poured and the suggestions began to fly!  We came up with 4 A4 sides of suggestions – and yep, Thistle Be Good won the prize!  The funny thing is, no-one can remember who came up with the name!  I am very grateful to whomever it was (sneaky feeling it was the very talented cook and great wordsmith, Mikaela Willford, the founder of Spice Girlz in McLaren Vale and one of my very special friends).

Brainstorming - risultato finale

So the next time that you pick up one of our products and say’ Hmm, this’ll be good’, you’ll know why!

Happy eating!


  • Terrific name with a great story – can just imagine that brainstorming session! it’s been great following your journey Jacqui – you deserve all the success you’ve had. Good luck with the blog. Cheers Jude

  • Thanks Jude! Yep, been a long journey but what a great adventure! Couldn’t imagine life without Thistle Be Good now!

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